Fahan School Giving Month

Inspiring their future

June 2021 is Giving Month at Fahan School. This year, we are seeking your contribution to the Fahan School Building Fund which provides valuable focus on inspirational spaces to support the outstanding teaching and learning experiences for the students at Fahan School.

We are committed to developing learning spaces, facilities and environments that excel at educating for creativity and innovation, inspiring the future of all Fahan girls. The School’s most recent developments, the Digital Technology and Food Technology Hub, as well as the Years 5 and 6 Development, have transformed the learning at Fahan, inspiring our girls at all year levels to flourish.

Development of the 2021 Capital Master Plan is a collaborative process with the School Community that reinforces Fahan School as a leading girls' school with first class facilities.

The Plan will understand and reflect our School’s history and future vision and will support our core mission of fostering a deep love of learning in the years ahead. 

Making a donation during Fahan School’s Giving Month means you are empowering the next generation of innovative and creative Fahan girls to step confidently into their future and make their mark on the world.

Your gift, no matter the size, will truly make a difference.

Please note, if you would like to donate to the Library or Scholarship Fund, please make note of this in the "Extra Information" box on the payment page.

Give Today and Inspire their Future



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