Sport & Physical Education

At Fahan, we pride ourselves on maintaining a vibrant culture of involvement for our girls via physical activity

From Kindergarten, Fahan girls are taught physical education by a team of enthusiastic specialists and are offered a wide-ranging and inclusive extra-curricular program in the Junior and Senior Schools.

Fahan School’s sporting philosophy is that ‘all can play’. Sport creates a wonderful culture of team spirit, builds confidence and facilitates friendships outside of the classroom.

Opportunities are provided for all girls to participate at all skill levels, promoting inclusiveness and physical and mental wellbeing. While extra-curricular sport is not compulsory at Fahan, 90 per cent of our girls choose to have some involvement, which is testimony to the nature of our offering and the girls’ understanding that their contributions are valued.

Your daughter will have the opportunity to represent Fahan in a variety of sports that interest her, at a level that is commensurate with her age and her standard of competition. As part of the extra-curricular program at Fahan, Junior and Senior School girls can participate in tennis, soccer, hockey, netball, basketball, cricket, touch football, teeball, badminton, orienteering, athletics, triathlon, swimming and cross country. In addition to these, Senior School students can become involved in sailing, equestrian, water polo, rowing, volleyball, surfing and Australian football.

Sport is a vibrant part of the School culture and we promote an enjoyable and inclusive atmosphere in all sporting ventures. We actively encourage those who embody a drive and spirit for sporting competition.

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