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With historical buildings and stunning views, the Fahan School grounds provide an excellent setting for our state-of-the-art facilities.

With historical buildings and stunning views, the Fahan School grounds provide an excellent setting for our state-of-the-art facilities. Fahan School, built on once agricultural land, is set amongst picturesque gardens and tree-enclosed grounds, providing a peaceful environment where your daughter can study and relax with friends. Fahan is an Apple school, boasting cutting-edge computer technology for all of our students.

Junior School Development

The most recent addition to the School’s infrastructure is the fully redesigned Junior School classrooms and facilities, providing spacious and progressive learning environments for our students. This new space, opened in 2019, includes new classrooms for Years 5 and 6. The building has been designed with the needs of our students the central focus at all times. The classrooms and shared breakout spaces allow for flexible learning where teachers can deliver a cohesive educational experience. Great lengths were taken to ensure the new state-of-the-art buildings melded into the School’s existing landscape and the result has created a true sense of connectedness across the School.

Food and Digital Technology Hub

A purpose-built and designed Food and Digital Technology Hub adjoining the Senior School building is a recent addition to Fahan School that was opened in 2018. The lower level houses a contemporary commercial kitchen with teaching facilities and on the upper level, an impressive Digital Technology facility provides all students with access to an incredible range of resources including a digital design studio, 3D printers, robotics technology, a recording studio and digital video and photography facilities.

As an Apple school, we boast a cutting-edge technology system including Junior School, Senior School and Science computer labs, laptop trolleys in key learning areas, School-owned iPads, a campus-wide wireless network and digital media facilities including video and photography equipment.

Music School

The award-winning, state-of-the-art Music School will introduce your daughter to Fahan’s proud record of performance. The facility offers 10 individual practice rooms that are soundproofed to offer the best rehearsal environment. There is a central performance area, which is also designed to function as a dance studio with regulation ballet barre and flooring and an adjoining recording studio for music recording, mixing and mastering to further enrich your daughter’s musical experience.

The Music School houses an extensive selection of instruments including a grand piano, several drum kits, as well as a full selection of string and wind instruments. Whether your daughter wants to play in a band, sing in a choir or perform as a soloist, Fahan’s Music School is equipped to offer her the best available start in music. The Music School won the Public Architecture Award from the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2010 Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

Science Block

Fahan School’s science building offers three modern, spacious and well-equipped laboratories and a science computer laboratory. Each of the science rooms are fully equipped for the pre-tertiary study of Chemistry, Biology and Physics as well as general Science for Middle and Senior School students. The rooms are designed to facilitate both deskwork and practical work, with a separate area of the room for each. Students in Years 6 to 12 have access to the science facilities where they can learn how to become budding young scientists.

Visual Arts Studio

Our Visual Arts Studio provides students with stunning views over the campus and the Derwent River as well as a wide range of materials and supplies for her to develop her artistic interests.

There are two key Art studios at Fahan School for the development of creativity and expression through a visual medium. One of the School’s original buildings, Hedgelands, houses students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and is operated by the Junior School artist-in-residence.

The second visual art studio is a spacious, renovated space, offering an inspiring view across the River Derwent. The studio is equipped for painting, drawing, design, sculpture, printmaking and digital art. The modern design of the studio and the beautiful surroundings creates a synergy that inspires young artists.

At Fahan, we consider that learning to have pride in your achievements is an important skill to acquire and so, to facilitate this, we display the exceptional artwork of our students around the School and in the wider community in a professional manner.

The art facilities at Fahan are designed to encourage outstanding work and we are always astounded at the quality of the artworks our students produce.


Our sports facilities are equally impressive, with the modern gymnasium catering for curricular and extracurricular sport programs. It is outfitted with the latest sports equipment and has change-room and shower facilities. Murals on the walls of the gym incorporate numeracy and literacy into the Physical Education program for Early Learning students. The facility offers full sized netball and basketball courts and the flooring is state-of-the-art non-slip, designed to cushion the feet and legs of players.

The tennis and outdoor netball courts are located on the Fahan grounds and enjoy spectacular views across the River Derwent. These courts are covered with flexipave to provide sure footing, with less stress on players feet and legs, and consistent bounce.

There is a grassed oval, also overlooking the River Derwent, which is sheltered from winds and provides a playing field for a multitude of sports.

All students have the use of these facilities throughout the year, including for weekend and after school sport.

We also make good use of our proximity to the water at Fahan for sports such as sailing, rowing and surfing.


Our two libraries, the Travers Morphett Junior Library and the Senior Library are equipped with both desktop and laptop computers, an extensive range of fiction, non-fiction and picture-books, as well as lunch-time staff and purpose-built study and silent-reading areas.

Children in the Junior School are given the annual opportunity to participate in reading competitions and fundraisers such as the Premier’s Reading Challenge and the MS Read-a-Thon. Book Week, Australia’s longest running children’s festival, is a major event for the Travers Morphett Library each year. All children from Kindergarten to Year 6 celebrate Book Week with a “dress-up” lunch, a parade, a sausage sizzle and a slice of the spectacular Book Week Cake! Each class sets up a book-related display in the library, and the short-listed titles for the Children’s Book of the Year Award are put on show.

The Fahan libraries are committed to developing skills which will assist students to become life-long learners. By co-cooperatively working with other teaching staff, information literacy outcomes will be identified and achieved using a wide range of print and digital resources. We are also committed to promoting literature and fostering a love of reading as a worthwhile leisure pursuit

The Kitchen Garden

Teaching sustainable living and creating the foundations for a healthy adult life have never been more crucial. In the vegetable garden, raised organic beds are provided for our younger students to get in touch with nature by growing their own herbs and vegetables. Children then harvest and cook their fresh produce, exploring different and fun avenues of learning that stimulate creative ability and environmental awareness while enhancing a love of good, wholesome and nutritious food. 

Hens are included in this fantastic experience, introducing students to the responsible care of animals and the collection of free-range eggs that are used in the kitchen. Fahan’s extensive garden provides a truly unique learning experience that allows children to get their hands dirty and have fun while they learn valuable lessons for the future.

Travers Morphett Hall

Named after the Founders of Fahan School, the Travers Morphett Hall is a focal point of life at Fahan where students meet for assemblies, chapel, productions and special events. The TM Hall at Fahan is flexible enough to support a wide range of activities and programs. There is a fully functioning stage with visual projection, sound and light capabilities for the professional staging of most events.

The TM Hall is widely used throughout the School year. Principal’s Assemblies, Music Assemblies, art exhibitions and a variety of class programs are all run in the Hall. In addition to this, the annual Early Learning and Junior School musicals are staged there as well as the House Drama and House Music competitions.

The artwork of our senior students adorns the walls and the modern technology facilities offer our girls the chance to professionally manage and produce all events housed in the TM Hall under the guidance of an experienced member of staff.

At Fahan, your daughter has everything she needs on one campus. This level of access allows your daughter to keep up with the latest technological advances, and to get the most out of her time at school. With resources that compete with much bigger schools, Fahan aims to give your daughter every opportunity she needs for her future.

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