2022 Student Information

If you are attending Fahan School in 2022, you can find all of the relevant information you need here.

You can find links to all your 2022 Fahan School information needs using the tabs above and links below. You will find Information on the Fahan School Bus Service, Uniform ShopTerm Dates and the Device Program

In 2022, all students commence School on Monday 7 February.

Book lists and purchasing details for Years 3-12 in 2022 are listed below:

Year 3, 2022
Year 4, 2022
Year 5, 2022
Year 6, 2022
Year 7, 2022
Year 8, 2022
Year 9, 2022
Year 10, 2022
Years 11-12, 2022
utchins Year 11-12 2022

The Uniform Shop will be open by appointment before School resumes so that you can ensure your daughter has the complete and correct uniform. The Uniform Shop is open by appointment on Monday 31 January and Wednesday 2 February to Friday 4 February 2022 from 8:00am - 4:30pm where fittings are required. Click here for more information on how to make your uniform booking.


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