Fahan Bus Service

Fahan School operates a daily private bus service in and around the Hobart area to ensure that your daughter is able to get to and from Fahan School worry free.

Fahan Bus Service

This service is available to all Fahan students, Kindergarten to Year 12, and is operated by dedicated bus drivers employed by Fahan whom you and your daughter will soon get to know and feel very secure and comfortable with.

For all initial private bus service enquiries, including availability, routes and times, please email buses@fahan.tas.edu.au or contact Fahan School Reception on 03 6225 1064.

Our service is run using RollCall, a school bus travel management system which allows parents to book students on our School Bus routes and manage bus payments. 

2024 Bus Fees

Folowing is the bus fee structure per student for 2024:

Gold Pass: $430.00 per 10 week term - AM and PM 5 days per week (6-10 Trips per week) 

Silver Pass: $270.00 per 10 week term - Up to 5 Trips per week - Casual rate for extra trips will be debited at the end of each term.

Casual Rate: $12.50 per trip

Gold and Silver rates will be debited per term to a student's RollCall account. Payment is due before the commencement of each term.

Please note:-

  • credits will not be issued if less trips are taken per week/per term for Gold and Silver passes
  • all prices above are GST inclusive

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