Student Wellbeing

At Fahan, we foster a culture of care and support. Every girl feels like a valued member of the Fahan Community.

Your daughter’s wellbeing is a central focus in all that we do at Fahan and is informed by the view that her academic, sporting and cultural achievements are predicated on feeling safe, confident and resilient to handle the opportunities and hurdles she may encounter during her school years.

In addition to this we operate Pastoral Care programs and also careful classroom monitoring of all students to ensure they are happy and healthy during their time at school.

At its core, Student Wellbeing focuses on building your daughter’s capacities through creating a stronger sense of self, connecting with others, cultivating strong social relationships and serving the community at large.

Fahan is committed to teaching; modelling and building behavioural practices that support not only the physical health of young people but also their personal wellbeing. We aim to ensure that every member of the Fahan Community will be treated fairly, with respect and compassion.

Our Student Wellbeing program provides a stable foundation for the social, emotional and intellectual growth of students and it is an integral part of life at Fahan School.

Every Fahan girl participates in the Big Sister, Little Sister program, a unique initiative that links the students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

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