Senior School

Years 7 and 8 at Fahan School provides a nurturing educational environment specifically designed to support your daughter’s needs as an emerging adult and to facilitate her smooth transition to Senior School.

The focus of Years 7 - 8 at Fahan is about meeting the physical, psychological, social and intellectual needs of a 12 to 14-year-old girl. The timetable, learning environment and curriculum are structured according to the needs of students in this age group.

Whilst literacy and numeracy are the focus of the Middle School curriculum with traditional subject lines such as English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, girls also engage in creative study through Art, Music, Drama.

Languages are a strong component of our curriculum and we teach both Japanese and French. Health and Physical Education classes are designed to support your daughter’s physical wellbeing. The appropriate use of digital technology is embedded in all learning tasks and a diverse range of extracurricular activities and out-of-school excursions are also available to cater for your daughter’s interests.

At Fahan, we aim to develop capable learners and confident young adults who have a deep understanding of the world around them and the ability to embrace change. To enable this process your daughter can participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities during Years 7 - 8, including debating, public speaking, the National History Challenge, community service, writing competitions, mathematics and science competitions, singing in a choir and private music tuition.

In these vital years, your daughter is encouraged to realise her potential and is given a wealth of experiences on which she can draw in later life. Her time in Years 7 and 8 will nurture her development and see her appropriately prepared for her move into Years 9 - 12 in the Senior School.

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