Year 9 and 10

We encourage girls to make their own choices at this time in their life, developing their ability to assess their options and make independent, informed decisions.

In Years 9 and 10, girls are given the opportunity to undertake elective subjects that make up approximately one third of their course. The core curriculum makes up the remainder of the course structure, keeping options open for all of our students. The core subjects follow the traditional study lines of English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Pathway Planning, Geography and History.

Girls select their own elective subjects in conjunction with their parents, however student advisors and dedicated staff are always on hand should a student feel unsure about what steps they need to take to achieve their desired outcomes. The combination of elective and core subjects in Years 9 and 10 is designed to prepare students for their TCE studies. Students may choose from a wide selection of subjects, ranging from art to business studies.

Lumina 9

Students in Year 9 at Fahan School have the opportunity to take part in a series of learning opportunities known as the Lumina 9 program. This program is designed to link their studies with the real world.

Students in the middle years of secondary schooling benefit from a dynamic program that takes them out of the traditional classroom learning environment. The Lumina 9 program facilitates this and improves students' learning and social skills.

The program has two key focus;

Building resilience, confidence and a great sense of self worth.

- Building character and a sense of community responsibility.

Our first focus is targeted through supported and tested programs that take our girls out of their “comfort zone”.

It begins with the compulsory Kelvedon Classroom, a curriculum camp at Fahan's Outdoor Education Centre at Kelvedon, near Swansea. During this camp students delve into Science, looking at rock platform ecosystems; Geography, examining the coastal landform; English, undertaking creative writing assignments from a historical perspective; History, researching the history of the town of Swansea; Art, producing installations inspired by the coastal scenery; Mathematics, solving a murder using forensics and Physical Education using the nearby beach.

The girls have the opportunity to meet with the students from Migrant Education throughout the year. They organise various activities to engage with the students and learn first hand about their life stories.

Our second focus also draws on the connections with Migrant Education as well as Variety Tasmania and Annie Kenney House. The girls organise many activities and fund raising events. They have a primary role in deciding most aspects of our community work. Our relationships with Annie Kenney House allows the girls to assist young homeless females. Through Variety's Bikes for Kids program the girls are given the opportunity to fundraise for bikes for children between the ages of 5 and 14.

In Term 3, all of Year 9 will have the opportunity to take part in a trip to Sydney. This trip is not compulsory. This big city experience will include activities such as attending a theatre performance, Powerhouse Museum, Art Gallery, Sydney Tower, ferry trips and harbour walks.

In Term 4, girls will participate in a compulsory Outdoor Tasmania experience. Students will tour North and North West Tasmania, camping in tents and cooking their own food. Activities will include white water rafting, abseiling and bushwalking, as well as visiting significant Tasmanian landmarks.

The Lumina 9 Program culminates at the end of the year when, during Activities Week, students take part in meaningful community service programs, as well as have the opportunity to broaden their experiences in a range of activities.

Fahan's class sizes enable the program to adapt and fit the needs of our girls. The girls' feedback and thoughts are encouraged and considered in each following years program.

These exciting learning opportunities at Fahan School help prepare girls for their Year 10 and TCE studies while also fostering a real sense of belonging to a dynamic group of young women.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

We are delighted with the strong partnership that has developed with The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. The Award encourages the girls to set up challenges in four areas - Physical Recreation, Skill, Service and Adventurous Journey.

Importantly for Lumina 9 it is not a competitive award. Each person sets their own goals in each section and records their progress over the year. The Award rewards perseverance and dedication.

“Young people make positive changes to their lives and communities by participating in the Award.

Through this challenging journey of self-discovery, our Participants: 

  • Are equipped and empowered to achieve their personal best;
  • Learn to take responsibility for their goals and choices;
  • Become connected to and actively engaged within their immediate community;
  • Make a real difference to society through their positive contributions and involvement;
  • Learn to persevere and overcome barriers to success;
  • Learn important life skills; and
  • Increase their career opportunities.

Year 9 and 10 Subjects

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