Year 11 and 12

In Year 11 and 12, Fahan girls are encouraged to follow a broad program of subjects that are tailored to their individual strengths and interests.

At Fahan, we aim to develop the academic, personal and leadership skills that will contribute to your daughter’s success in life after school, and appropriately equip her for life in a rapidly changing world.

Every Year 11 and 12 student is a member of a Student Leadership Committee (SLC). Not only does this enhance their leadership skills, but it also develops their organisation, responsibility and ability to work well in a team. Students in Year 11, after proving their suitability, are nominated as Chairs of these committees for the following year. As these students set the standard for the younger girls, they are encouraged to demonstrate appropriate and responsible behaviour at all times.

Fahan has a cooperative agreement with The Hutchin’s School, providing students with a wider choice of subjects in their senior years. It also allows for a greater variety of facilities and the opportunity to meet new peers.

Fahan has a long history of academic excellence, with students often achieving high TCE results. However, at Fahan, we are constantly striving to better our academic and extracurricular programs, our facilities and the general daily life of our students. At Fahan, we intend to continue our proud tradition of academic excellence whilst looking to your daughter’s future.

Year 11 and 12 Subjects

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