Year 5 at Fahan School

Discover why Year 5 is the optimal time for a smooth and enriching school transition.

Moving children to new schools in Year 5, rather than the traditional move in Year 7, is becoming increasinly popular as families recognise the benefits for their daughter. 

At Fahan, Year 5 is a popular entry point for girls. We understand the importance of these formative years and provide a nurturing, supportive environment that fosters confidence, independence, and a strong sense of belonging. Parents appreciate this earlier transition builds the essential foundations for senior schooling. 


1. Tailored teaching programs and preparation for Senior School.

Year 5 Science Class

In Year 5, we introduce an additional class, ensuring class sizes are carefully managed to align with our educational standards. Our specialised programs in Years 5 and 6 are intentionally designed to prepare students for a smooth transition to Year 7. Teaching resources are organised to meet the educational needs of each student.


2. Confidence and BelongingSurf Life Saving Class

Your daughter's wellbeing is the central focus in all that we do at Fahan School. Our students thrive, feel confident and develop a strong sense of belonging and connection. The friendships they form in these years become key to their long term happiness at school.


3. Exciting Learning Opportunities 

Year 5 Art Class

We offer a diverse curriculum and our students are immersed in specialised lessons in Art, Digital Technology, Drama, Music, Library, as well as French and Japanese language learning every week.

The Outdoor Education program is a highlight, preparing students for the more challenging camps in Year 7 and beyond. Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, developing resilience and teamwork and personal growth, as well as important life skills.


4. Personalised Learning

Our smaller class sizes ensure personalised and focused attention for every student. This allows teachers to identify learning strengths and gaps that can be supported in readiness for Senior School. We are committed to delivering culturally rich and value-driven educational experiences for every student.


5. Emphasis on building maturity and independence in a supportive environment

We encourage students to recognise and celebrate their strengths and those of their peers. A Year 5 entry point can facilitate enhanced learning with a focus on developing maturity and independence. Our ‘one school’ approach paves the way for a seamless transition to Year 7.


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